About Our Farm

Karian Farm offers a variety of gourmet seed for sale, grown with care in the heartland of American. Our 40-acre farm is located in southeast Iowa and sits on a knoll above the Skunk River where the soil is excellent for growing garlic with the best in taste and aroma. We grow our garlic in pesticide-free soil using all natural methods and practices.

Family including grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, including our youngest member, age 2 take part in the garlic production from selection of the seed, preparation of the soil, planting, cultivation, harvest, and order completion. Our family will be happy to help you choose the varieties to best fit your desires.

Our garlic is grown to be planted in your garden or planted as seed stock for garlic production. It can also be consumed in your everyday cooking recipes or dehydrated for wonderful garlic powder! We care about our garlic and know you’ll love the healthy benefits our garlic will provide you!


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